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Why Tutoring Should Not Be The Last Resort

The Undivided Attention They Deserve

Establishing an Early Foundation

Children may be overwhelmed with the amount of work that comes their way during school. Certain mathematical problems and reading comprehension may be more challenging to grasp. Home tutoring can support their ability to acquire new concepts before the task becomes too stressful, without the pressure of others around them. One-on-one interactions with students is a problem being faced today with overcrowding classrooms. This limits the teacher’s ability to answer every child’s question. Home tutoring gives a child as much time as they need to answer their work, knowing their tutor is giving them their undivided attention.

Building Confidence and Self-esteem

Children all want to please their parents, seeing them proud gives them the motivation to try hard every day. Though sometimes students are afraid to communicate if they are struggling to complete their work. Home tutoring allows a tutor to get to know the child, what study methods work best for them, allowing a safe space for error. This will enhance their self-esteem and self-worth as well as enhance social skills at school. The key to a good relationship between the tutor and the child is trust, the student will progress much more rapidly and be more productive. The tutor can read a child’s body language and facial cues telling the tutor what they may be feeling, this allows the tutor to help where they see fit. This will raise their confidence because perhaps a student can feel like their opinions are praiseworthy and considered by their tutor.

Easier to Focus

When a tutor is working with a student face-to-face it is much easier to stay on task. A disadvantage with online tutoring or tutoring programs with a large number of students in the room is that the student will get distracted quite easily. One-on-one tutoring enables the tutor to go to the student’s speed, allowing to slow down in some difficult areas and go through work faster in the areas they excel in. The tutors may also present a variety of techniques to solve a problem and use the one that the student understands the material with more, this will help them not get side-tracked when a difficult topic arises. As the rise of technology takes over the millennial generation, a lot of children are being distracted with their phones, while they are in classrooms. Home-tutoring allows little to no access for students to reach their phones and find distractions through social media, but instead focus on what is in front of them.

Fostering independence

A tutor’s main goal is to teach a child to become more independent learners, encouraging students to analyze questions in a deeper manner. Uplifting a student to voice out their opinions and critical thinking will allow the tutor to understand how and/or why they are getting to that solution. For students to become more active participants of their learning, the tutor may give some information to start their thinking process. The tutor will then provide some space for the student to figure it out for themselves, while still staying at a proximate distance for in case they are in need of assistance.

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