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More Than Just A Tutor

A tutor spends quality one-on-one time with your child and will be the person your child relies on for academic support. A tutor therefore, wears many hats, and is a primary point of contact for your child.

A Role Model

A tutor instills responsibility. A tutor will help students develop study skills and organization techniques to help improve their academic performance. A tutor's job is to meet up with a student and provide them with strategies so they can succeed, while serving as a role model. Both teachers and tutors are available to help the child where they see fit, mastering the knowledge that is in their grade’s curriculum. However, while teachers focus on instructing students, tutors step in when students need additional help, by explaining specific concepts and helping them improve their study habits. Tutors are there to provide assistance rather than teach students; they focus on helping them learn problem-solving strategies so they can ultimately accomplish their schoolwork with no assistance.

Support Person

Most teachers work in public or private schools, for additional help if the teacher is not available during their break they communicate via email or video conferencing. Teachers have many children to check with, devoting their weekends to grading papers after working a 40-hour week. Tutors on the other hand working viable hours travel to the student’s home, work in a comfortable environment for the student, devoting their time to that specific child, answering their questions and if needed to they will go over the same questions until the student eventually becomes the master. Designating one room or area as you study, the brain will eventually catch on as you enter into a ‘study mode’. Moving between libraries or different rooms can be mentally jolting as you have new distractions and processes to overcome. Context dependent learning is the process of remembering something more in the place where you first learned it. In the classroom if you don’t understand a certain concept, time with your tutor will enable you to re-grasp the idea providing new ways to tackle the problem. Once you understand and are able to solve the problem without assistance, practicing the problem on your own will be easier to overcome, especially being within the same environment.

Visionary and Guide

Studying has a lot of negative associations, but it shouldn’t. Grow as you go tutors act as the angel on a shoulder helping the child to stay right on track without getting easily distracted. Studying is another word for learning, tutors help keep the excitement of studying, keeping a positive attitude and thinking of new techniques to not make studying seem like a routine, as a lot of concepts are easily learned by applying the information to everyday life. Tutors provide trust with their student, knowing they can easily confide to their tutor without the fear of being judged. In retrospect students look forward to meetings with their tutor knowing all their struggles will be answered and that they can ask whichever problem they wish to without their peer’s observance. At the end of the day the tutor is there to help guide the student to solve their problems, and even after one meeting the student will begin to feel a weight lifted off their shoulders. Tutors are more than what their job description implies, tutors are the help that is so desperately needed even when you think you don’t. Tutors provide alternate studying methods, multiple ways of solving a problem and a positive attitude who has faith and confidence, but most of all they act as a friend only wishing to see success for the student, leaving them feel more assured of themselves.