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It All Starts at The House: How a Child’s Home Supports Their Education

How home tutoring provides support

At school a child encounters different classrooms a day, they may feel intimidated surrounded by different people, which some they may not know at all. Some children may be too shy to ask questions or get clarifications about different aspects of the topic. Tutoring provides a chance to be one-on-one with a tutor or within a group to build skills for lifelong success. Although for most students they are unfamiliar with their surroundings which makes staying on task more difficult. Grow as You Go Tutoring on the other hand holds their tutoring sessions within the child’s home, this not only provides less distractions of new objects and sounds, but leaves your family hassle free by not having to leave the comfort of your home, while losing time in the night with road travel. As the tutor leaves at the end of each session and the child feels they need to practice more, they don’t need to leave the vicinity and lose their thinking process when attending to other things, but instead by being in their own home they can now work as long as they need to. The child’s home being based around tutoring provides support in consistency within the same environment each week, while being time efficient.

Parents support

A child’s education all begins within the household, they need support to help grow as well as consistent guidelines. As parents, it is best to not only monitor your child, to ensure they are on task with their school assignments, but also offer guidance and ask questions to see how they are understanding everything. Reading is a subject that is frequently overlooked, but not only should a child know how to read, but know what the semantics of the context is. It is important to relate certain paragraphs within each other as a book or article will carry out a specific theme. Often young readers try to find out what a new word may be by trying to see what fits best in that sentence. You may help encourage your child to understand what they have read by explaining those new words and what they mean to the best of your knowledge. The best approaches to helping your child are personal experiences as they are more likely to be remembered by the child. In writing, a student is more likely to choose a topic that is close knitted to the atmosphere they are exposed to, than anything else. Engaging with your child’s school work is an extremely positive stepping stone for your child’s success. Editing is a key factor in writing, by even having another perspective look over any grammatical errors is extremely beneficial as you may oversee some common mistakes made by most students. The most important step is to keep the student involved, edit together and provide your child an explanation on why they need punctuations or to rewrite specific sentences in certain areas of their work.

Their personal space within the home

Every student needs a room that satisfies their studying needs, for the most part a quiet room is the best place to work. Libraries are an amazing place for a student to get a lot of work done, but the space is not personalized or comfortable for each individual student. When studying, a student may want to read aloud, or watch online videos for different math concepts. A student’s household is a comfortable feeling for the student, but unfortunately without the presence of a tutor to guide the student to stay on track, there may be many distractions around. Making a personal study room, space, corner or even just having their own desk in a common space will provide more excitement for the student towards studying. A child will feel grown-up having their own area, and an older student will be excited about a space that’s theirs, that is also beneficial to their school work. The student shouldn’t have any technology nearby that may be too distracting, but instead be surrounded by their school work. Each student is different, and some students do prefer to study with music, therefore their personalized area should be wherever they focus their work best from, while being comfortable at the same time.