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Organizational Building Blocks

What has made Grow As You Go Tutoring Service Successful in providing quality tutoring supports is that our company was built on a value system that encourages emotional growth. 


G. R . O . W . T . H

These are the guiding principals that direct our team to be able to administer quality tutoring services.


Goodwill - Practicing empathy, kindness, and patience with students and parents

Reliability- Providing structured and consistent support.

Optimism - Building a child's confidence in themselves and restoring hope for their future. 

Workable- Being flexible in our approach. Understanding that needs change over time.

Transparency - Creating an environment where students feel safe to express their concerns and fears openly.

Honesty- To speak and act truthfully with students and parents. 


More About Us

Grow As You Go Tutoring Service, started as a means to a solution to a problem. The cost of tutoring was too high for most families to afford. 

Our founder believed that educational supports should be available and easily accessible to every family. 

That is why our fees are considerably less than other in-home tutoring businesses.


Why Us?

Customized Learning Plan

Affordable Rates 

Professional Approach


It Starts At Home

Parents have a part to play. 
When a child succeeds. A child’s teacher can only teach the subject during school hours, but it’s the parent's advocacy and inclusiveness over the years that brings a child to success.


Positive Ways to Motivate Your Child

Create a study plan together, ask your child’s input in organizing a calendar with all important study dates, tests, and other big assignments.

Find a suitable study area in the house where they can focus, be sure to consider your child’s input, it will make a difference and motivate them to study more.​

Demonstrate a positive attitude toward learning, children look up to their parents in many ways in their life and showing positive attitudes about learning will get them to study more and try harder. 

Spend some time together reading a novel or newspaper with your child. Students appreciate parent involvement in their studies and find it more approachable when it is done together with a parent.


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Meet Our  Founder

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I started Grow As You Go, to offer tutoring services that were affordable and accessible to families. Having had experience teaching in various capacities, parents would often approach me and request that I tutor their children.

In 2016, I started offering private tutoring to students in need of support. I started with two students and quickly, 2 students became 15 students. I realized that if I was going to continue to provide support to students at the rate I was receiving requests, I was going to have to expand. From that, Grow As You Go was born. 

I recruited a group of like-minded educators to assist in making this dream a reality. I truly believe that our team is the best in the business, and have complete and total confidence in every person providing our services.

How the Team Describes Crystal  

Experienced visionary, trustworthy and fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe Crystal. Crystal Reid is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day.


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